Mountain resort located near a strait valley of Fella, extends from west to east including Val Raccolana, up to 2km from the ski resort Sella Nevea and becoming a strategic point for winter and summer tourism. 

Since Roman times Chiusaforte, called Chiusa in ancient times, has been a focal point and a passage for those who had to cross the mountains in of the Fella valley, so much so that the Patriarch of Aquileia Voldorico of Eppenstein, in about 1100, fortified the castle and made a muda to pay tolls in addition to found a hospital for pilgrims in transit.

Over the centuries, Chiusa was contended by the European rulers because of its strategic position becoming the theater of the war between Venice and Austria. In 1866 got incorporated into the Reign of Italy in 1867 and assumed the current name of Chiusaforte.

In 1976 he was shocked and devastated by the earthquake which damaged the Friuli Venezia Giulia, suffering huge collapses and damage.

The old fort has been almost completely lost over the centuries, and today few traces remain near of Ponte Ferro’s Railroad.