Venzone is located between the confluence of two major valleys: Tagliamento Valley, which brings in Carnia, and the Canal del Ferro.

Its origins date back to 923 AD, but the name appears for the first time in an official document in 1001.

The town has kept its medieval structure becoming one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and, after surviving the bombing of both World Wars is declared National Monument, in 1965, by the Ministry of Education.

The 1976 earthquake ravaged almost completely the town, but thanks to the tenacity of its people, well as to aid from around the world, rises again becoming the symbol of the reconstruction of Friuli.

Venzone is the only surviving example in Friuli Venezia Giulia of the fourteenth century fortified town and the tourist can only be enchanted by the medieval walls that surround it, by the Cathedral of St. Andrew or by the Chapel of St. Michael, where you can admire the Mummies and last by the Town Hall, an example of Venetian Gothic architecture.

The walking paths of the Natural Park of the the Julian Prealps allows you to enjoy beautiful views and visit a number of small churches, of the fifteenth century, along an ancient Celtic trail.

The medieval atmosphere of Venzone and its surrounding areas, is able to excite and capture its guests leading them to take a dip in the Middle Ages atmospheres.

The town and its surroundings were also the set for many famous movie scenes like “A Farewell to Arms” by John Hudson and Charles Vidor (1957) and “The Great War” by Mario Monicelli (1959).