Castle Ruins (Cjscjelát)

The symbolic monument of Tarcento was named Cjscjelát due the famous ruins of the lower castle. The construction of the complex, which included a tower (only partially preserved), with traces of frescoes, two smaller towers and residential domus, dating from the fourteenth century, and in 1341 is given in fief by Gio Francesco di Castello of ancient branch of Frangipane’s family. The building was ravaged by farmers in the famous “revolt of Fat Thursday” and then partially destroyed by the disastrous earthquake of 1511. Set in a very good position, from the castle forecourt a stunning views opens east on Bernadia and the Plan of Paluz and west on Aprato villages, S. Biagio and Madonna, as well as the amphitheater on the hills moraine of the Tagliamento. Among the most important events taking place in the Cjscjelàt, there is the lighting of the Pignarûl Grant, on January 6th at 7pm, which represents the highlight of the Epiphany of Friuli.