The Parish Museum and the Cathedral Treasury

The Parish Museum and the Cathedral Treasury is housed in the old vicarage, a building built by the parish priest Giovanni de Recalcatis in 1360, which also houses the Historical Archives of the parish, and is cheered by a small garden located between the bell tower and city walls of the first ring (XI century).

In the exhibition rooms there are works of paintings and sculptures by local artists (from the the XII century to the XIX century) and church ornaments, coming from Gemona churches destroyed by the 1976 earthquake and no longer used after the reconstruction. An important section of the museum is dedicated to the XIII-XIV century codes of Padua-Bologna school, adorned with splendid miniatures. In addition there are more liturgical books, musical codes and documents of particular interest.

The Cathedral Treasury includes some of the finest creations by Friulian goldsmiths of the XV century, along with other works of baroque, neoclassical and modern. The Museum also has a valuable collection of liturgical vestments, embroidery and laces.