Unforgettable panoramas, these are the words that best describe the Friulian Dolomites, Carnic and Giulian Alps and Prealps, a mixture of unique and pristine landscapes.

It is right among these trails of peace and tranquility that we find routes and challenges fit for passionate climbers that can navigate between classical mountaineering and modern paths or if they chose so can go rock climbing, having all the necessary instruments for enjoying every centimeter of our mountains.


Climbing schools:

Palestra di arrampicata indoor of Codroipo

Val Tramontina

Sella Nevea (Nut, Bila Pec, Rock of Camet equiped for kids and beginners)

Pass of Monte Croce Carnico

Tolmezzo and Villa Santina


Regional Natural Reserve of the lakes of Doberdò and Pietrarossa (also for kids)

Napoleonica on the golf of Trieste

Regional Natural Reserve of Val Rosandra

Tita Piaz Refuge – Ampezzo

Adventure Climb Varmost



If you already know how to climb you can choose between the classical routes of 3rd and 4th level:

Campanile of Val Montanaia

Jof of Montasio Dogna path

Creta Forata north wall

Mount Duranno normal path

Torrione Comici – “Cassiopea” path


For more expert climbers there are the more difficult routes:

Small Mangart Pilastro Piussi Diedro Cozzolino

Crete of Chianevate southern corner

Crete of Grauzaria integral path of the Sfinge

Torre delle Madri dei Camosci, Deye corner – Peters

Peak of Rio Freddo, Comici corner


Modern routes:

“Futurama” Torre delle Madri dei Camosci

“No Nukes” Bila Pec

“La bellezza non conosce paura” (beauty knows no fear) Mount Robon

“Affinità e Divergenze” (Affinity and Divergence) Crete of Mimoias

“Albachiara” (Clear Sunrise) Crete of Timau

“Paperon de’ Paperoni” (Scrooge McDuck) Panettone of Pal Piccolo


A well known destination for all climbers, in particular the “house” of Mauro Corona, is an ascent of medium difficulty where the rock is always good. Part of the group of Spalti di Toro and Monfalconi, in the municipality of Cimolais (Pordenone).

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