Martial Arts

Martial arts are a set of physical, mental and spiritual practices related to combat. Originally used to increase the warrior chances of battle victory, today they are a way for individual improvement and full physical activity in addition to self-defense.

The term came into common use in the early sixties when the Eastern martial arts were introduced in the West and sometimes is associated only with these and in particular to the Chinese, Japanese and Korean martial arts. Really since 1500 the combat systems in Europe were defined in this way, an English fencing instruction manual of the 1639 used it referring specifically to the “science and art” of dueling swords, making it derive from the Latin because “martial art” literally means “art of Mars,” the Roman god of war.

Today, martial arts are studied for various reasons: to get combat skills, self-defense, sport, health and physical form of gymnastics, self-control, meditation, accountability on the use of force, become familiar with your body, confidence in their own skills and awareness of his limitations. For this purpose in Japan and China, is practiced taiso a particular type of training associated with the athletic training of those who practice martial arts. Some martial arts are considered “traditional” and are linked to an ethnic background, religious or cultural factors, while others are modern systems developed by a founder or an association.

The tatami is familiar around here since decades. In Tarcento, and in the gym in other municipalities martial arts, especially judo, find space and the human context for the practice and diffusion.