For some a sport or an outdoor activity and for others an adventure, Canyoning is certainly not an individual activity since its strong point is exactly sharing the experience through teamwork!

Friuli Venezia Giulia boasts a variety of very wild routes that are mostly known as “forre”. Some of the ones that are situated in the Carnic Alps deserve to be specifically mentioned for their beauty: (every route has an average duration between 2 and 8 hours with a maximum of 4 team members)

For everybody:

Rio Lumiei of Sauris, accessible for all above 10 years of age.

Rio Frondizzon of Tolmezzo

Rio Favarinis, between April and October

Rio Alba of Moggio, for beginners


For Amateurs:

Rio Lavarie

Rio Cosa of Clauzetto

Rio Patoc of Chiusaforte

Rio Ciolesan of Claut


For Pros:

Vinadia stream of Villa Santina

Viellia stream of Tramonti di Sopra

Zemola valley of Erto



  • Rio Ambruseit
  • Rio Aracli
  • Rio Brezzi
  • Rio Bueda
  • Rio Chiantone
  • Rio Chiarzò
  • Rio del Mulin
  • .

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