The term identifies the hang-gliding and paragliding. In presence of air currents, they can be harnessed by the pilot to gain altitude, rising high above the launch point. In the absence of updrafts gliding flight trasforms in a gliding whose duration mainly depends by the height from take-off point, by the efficiency of the vehicle and by athlete skills.

Our territory due to its conformation is a unique flight scenario, such as to make any special take off from the ground, whether it be a sweet evening flight or an adventurous “thermals” of kilometers of valleys and lakes.

Throughout the year taking place Nordic Open Paragliding and ACROMAX, valid for the World Cup in paragliding acrobatic flight.

The first weekend of August, relaxing on the shores of Lake Cavazzo you can admire the spectacular developments of the world-famous pilots taking off from Mount St. Simon and land on a floating platform in the middle of the lake.

For those who wish approach the discipline there is a school where it is possible to obtain a pilot’s license.

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