14° Canyoning International Meeting “Three Borders”

North East of Italy, summer 2016. We’re back in Friuli between the Carnic Alps and the Julian Alps, guests of the municipality of Moggio Udinese, from Saturday, July 30 to Sunday, August 7th.

We will be in the area that offers the most attractive routes in Friuli, but that’s not enough. Do you know that some of the canyons proposed during this meeting will in areas like Triglav in Slovenia and Carinthia and East Tyrol in Austria? That’s why the event is called “Three Borders”.

Six years passed sincethe Meeting of Chiusaforte in 2009 and finally we’re back in Friuli thanks to the work of the group CanyonEast (www.canyoneast.it) and the support of the municipality of Moggio Udinese that will make available the areas required for the event: logistics, camping, secretarial, meeting place, meeting room, projections and exhibition stands.

The duration of the event is nine days as usual, with entertaiment like thematic evenings, meetings, screenings and an international video contest.
It will be a good time to explore ravines in Friuli, find out what they offer in Slovenia and Austria and have a drink talking about water, rock and ropes.