Gemona Castle and Gardens

In the period of Roman domination, on the Gemona castle hill, should rise at least a lookout or a small castellum, in fact recent excavations have found traces of the Roman period as well as prehistoric times. During the Avare raids the Lombards ( in 611) fortified the castrum Glemonae (mentioned for the first time in the Historia Langobardorum by Paolo Diacono).

In XI century appears a noble family, under the title “De Glemona domains“, to whom is attributable the erection of an initial manor; in the XIIIth century papers are mentioned two adjacent structures, one of them had to belong to the Patriarchae domains.

The castle was abandoned during the Venetian rule and the stones was used for other buildings.

As we have knowledge  from the sides of the fortress were leaving all three circle of walls.

The walls and the doors to the city were progressively demolished in the second half of 1800. Nowadays the only remains is Porta Udine. The castle was destroyed in the earthquake of 1976. The access to the public gardens of the castle was reopened since December 2008 and since summer 2010, music events, cultural and theatrical part of Castel Animated event are organized by the Pro Glemona.