Forts of lictorial wall

The forts of the lictorial wall are defensive works in gallery (military engineering), an integral part of the defense complex built in Carnia during the Second World War and positioned on the right bank of the river Tagliamento. It is a complex and widespread system of barricades built to defend the lines of communication with the plains and valleys. The structure has two entrances, deposit-stock and 5-6 concrete pillboxes for machine guns. Most of the development of the fortifications are linear, obtained under the rock of the mountain slopes of the territory and where the bunkers are the only element emerging to the surface. The fortifications of the lictorial wall has three underground floors for a total height difference of up to 30 meters; the vertical connections are made mediating circular wells designed to accommodate spiral staircases. These works of lictorial wall cave are inserted in the spectacular setting of the Intermunicipality Park of Carnic Hills.