Monte di Buja

The area is used by many local associations for their informal meetings and private or caterers to organize weddings, christenings etc. relying on the nearby ancient parish church of San Lorenzo, very suggestive and rich of history.

The outside part extends with comfortable ramps and footpaths toward the area called “Arena Belvedere“.

This artifact, which opened in 2009, is characterized by a large kiosk covered with stone and wood, a large dance floor in polished stone and a stage equipped with services and zone reserved for artists.

The panoramic view you enjoy from this place is unique and spaces on all the plain below as far as the eye can see.

Going further you can reach the old medieval castle ruins  called “Ciscjelat” that was most recently restructured by the Superintendency of Fine Arts.

Even from here the view spans over the entire area below. Going back you can reach, from the covered structure, the small kiosk used for summer events and that hosts a wine bar too.

The presence of the Art Museum of the Medal of the City of Buja and of the Parish of San Lorenzo brings extra interest and a stimulus to visit this location for the precious historical and artistic content and the important exhibitions held.