Cornino Lake Reserve

The Regional Nature Reserve of the Cornino Lake covers an area of about 500 hectares between the municipalities of Forgaria nel Friuli and Trasaghis. The wide bed of the Tagliamento river and the rocky walls of the Carnic Prealps safeguard an incredible beautifull nature, where for almost twenty years there is the location of an international project for the preservation of the griffon vulture.
It the ideal destination for school groups and birdwatchers, the reserve also allows you to take guided excursions along panoramic trails that lead to the discovery of the lake with its clear emerals waters and the river environment that surrounds it. Stopping in the many observation points, accessible via simple and well-marked trails, you can see different species of animals that live the area, like in the early hours the flight of griffins.
In the area next to the Visitor Center you can find some birdcages and a terrarium.

There are numerous hiking trails for the more trained, through which you reach Monte Cuar and the plateau of Mount Prât, which offers a stunning view towards San Daniele and the Friuli hills, and where are the typical accommodation of Albergo diffuso.