St Agnese Pass

The St. Agnes Pass is a large hollow that separates the Mount Cumieli by western foothills of Mount Chiampon. Different mule tracks and dirt roads from Ospedaletto, Gemona and Venzone converge to the Pass.

From Gemona you torwards to Monte Cuarnan until Gleseute. After this village you go up on a evident gravel road along the artificial bank of the stream Veglione. Beyond the river bedy ou take a trail that climbs up to 430 meters, near the Pass of St. Agnes, where there is a votive church built on the occasion of the Friuli earthquake.

You go down for about 300 meters, and then you continue up along a path (often hidden by woods) that goes significantly up to a panoramic balcony, a scenic plateau on a foothill of Mount Cumieli.