Five bird snares path

Montenars is a small town composed by several villages perched on the slopes of Mount Cuarnan. As often it happens in these cases, small residential areas are connected by a dense network of footpaths and mule tracks (trois in Friulian) that will tend to vanish, swallowed up by bushland. Some of these routes were recently the subject of recovery, giving you the chance of a pleasant walk among the hills, woods and streams. These short itineraries are suitable for all and practicable all year round. Through Montenars so you’ll come across in the CAI signals that indicate the start of the various footpaths (Troi di Fese, Troi dai Cucs, Troi des Cascadis, etc.).

Montenars is also the country of bird snare a practice used for the hunting of bird. With the absolute prohibition of this form of hunting, the bird snares have lost their original function to now become “lures for tourists.” Five of these bird snares were  “combined” in a circular route which brings you in the area between Gretto and Flaipano.