An overwhelming landscape, that of Friuli Venezia Giulia and in particular of the Carnic Alps, is the one that presents itself to the visitor and sportsman as the perfect location for unplugging from the daily grind and dedicating oneself entirely  to a sport in contact with nature.

Cycling has continuously evolved during the past years, to a point it is now a valid alternative for those who want to discover the landscape on two wheels. This land is a protagonist in regional and national cycling events like Giro D’Italia and Giro del Friuli, Mountain bike trails, highs and lows that constitute an itinerary painted on the spot, for discovering the riches of the territory and its local food and wine collection.

Thanks to an efficient network of bike tours of which the most famous one is Alps-Adriatic.. a trail that begins at Grado and arrives to Salzburg passing through the valleys of Salzach and Gastein reaching the Bockstein station from which a shuttle will bring you shortly to Malinitz where you can mount your bike again and enjoy the landscapes of Carinthia.

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